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Golden Ears Chapter  


Hosted by

Golden Ears Chapter, VCCC

May 29 to 31, 2020

More information on our May Tour

Sponsors: 3 new sponsors have shown their support to our May Tour,

· Fuelex— —a family owned, full service Esso fuel wholesale distributor in the lower mainland.

· Glass World— —Glass World designs, manufactures, sells and installs a wide variety of bathroom products. Glass World was founded in 1986 by Dale F. Waddell (VCCC member) and Ken Thompson, and is located in Abbotsford.

· Dr. Fung, dentist—Maple Ridge—

Thanks to all our sponsors for their help and interest in our hobby.

Here’s the info on the Valve Cover Chapter Challenge

Get some of your fellow Chapter members involved in our Chapter Challenge, it will be a fun event—with prizes!! Here are some of the rules:

· Standard Valve Cover Racer specifications apply

· Your Racer must have a unique name. eg. Green Machine, Pink Lady, etc..

· Standard Valve cover racing track to be used

· Only one Valve Cover Racer to be entered by each Chapter

· Valve Cover Racer must not have raced in this year’s (2020) May tour open division

· Racing Team must have 4 people, two female and two male

· Three members of the team must be designated as cheerleaders. Cheerleaders may only be a member of one team. Cheerleaders must have costumes and perform a cheer routine with dancing and singing!

· Awarding of the Challenge Cup, People’s Choice and Cheerleader’s award shall be at the Awards banquet.

Registration -

currently stands at 104 vehicles with just over 200 people registered —remember we only have room for 250 participants, so tell your friends not to wait too long to send in their registrations

Saturday Night

Suggested dress for the Saturday Night Sock Hop (Prom) is for the ladies - your choice of daytime (school type) wear or Prom dress—for the men—Blue jeans, white t-shirt or 60’s era suit. We’ll have lots of 60’s music to dance to.