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Golden Ears Chapter  


Hosted by

Golden Ears Chapter, VCCC

May 29 to 31, 2020

More information on our May Tour

Sponsors: New sponsors are coming on board, they are excited to see us host our tour next year, here’s a couple more—please make sure you mention our tour and their sponsorship when renewing your insurance!


Rand & Fowler Insurance Agencies

Thanks to all our sponsors for their help and interest in our hobby.


· Please complete your full registration form—attached to this email—if you haven’t already. This let’s us know which vehicle you will bring, who your driving companions are, and your dietary restrictions if any.

· Valve Cover Chapter Challenge—Get your team 4 person (driver & 3 cheerleaders) together and build or designate a valve cover racer specifically for the Chapter challenge. It’s going to be a fun event—there will be prizes!

· Judging will take place on Saturday morning—Let us know if you want your car judged, or if you will help out by being a judge.

· Get your gear together for our Saturday sock hop/prom evening! What did you wear in ‘62?

Registration -

currently stands at 92 vehicles with approximately 185 people registered—remember we only have room for 250 participants


Here’s what they look like. They are good quality golf shirts with our tour logo. Sorry, like Henry Ford we stuck to one colour to keep the price down—they are black!

Order yours soon—just $40 each in sizes Small to 3XL.

Where are we?

Our Saturday tour will include demonstrations on Coopering, Blacksmithing and Historic Weapons. Where will we be? We’ll let you know in a future newsletter.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Canadian Graffiti Tour—May 29—31, 2020.

Registrar—Angela Holbrook—[email protected]—604 944 4800